Dear Disobey enthusiast,

Our beloved Disobey community wants to hear the latest and the greatest talks at the Disobey event live in February 2024!

This year our theme will be ”Don’t believe the hype”.

We all have our interpretations and ideas of what this might mean. The Disobey Program Committee has decided to leave room for you, dear Call for Papers participant, to decide what that is. Please present to us your best ideas of something you believe everyone should know about in our field of interest by taking part in our CfP.

We’d love to hear about your ideas for our theme ”Don’t believe the hype!"
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Disobey's Program Committee wants YOU with your talks about hacking, new research, or “everyone needs to know about this” kinds of ideas. We adore technical talks, "hack the system" kinda talks, "I broke this thingy" talks, and "hack me if you can" talks as well as ”early in the days we did it like this, but nowadays we..”.

Topics we are interested in (but not limited to): pentesting, exploitation, censorship, pwnage, privacy, current or past issues in the field of hacking, or whatever you like. However, don’t bother with FUD or “my shiny new product” talks; we’re not interested. This is not the right place to market your company nor its products, but to share your understanding of hacker culture and your ideas of not believing the hype!

Chatham House Rule is in effect during the event to promote openness and sharing of information:
“Under the Chatham House Rule, anyone who comes to a meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but is not allowed to reveal who made any particular comment. It is designed to increase openness of discussion”

Enter your proposal by 30.11.2023 at


  • Up to 45 min on the stage or if you have more time and want to run a workshop, then you’ll get two or more hours. Let us know your preference when entering your CfP.
  • An awesome speaker badge + free ticket / entrance for two days of amazing time with fellow enthusiasts.


  • All our talks are recorded, but you have the final say in publication. Please let us know whether or not we are allowed to publish your speech when sending us your CfP. There is a field in the form for this permission. We are not asking for this permission at further points, so please state your opinion at the CfP Portal while providing your CfP proposal.
  • If you wish to change the short information of your speech or introduction of yourself, we are kindly asking you to do it at CfP Portal.
  • After you have sent us your CfP proposal possible communication from our side is done through the email you provided at the CfP Portal. Please make sure you have no spelling errors in your email address and that the address you provided is the one you are reading. We will provide technical speaker information to the selected CfP speakers closer to the event through the email you provided us.
  • In the portal, we kindly ask you to provide us your phone number so that we can catch you during the event or before that if necessary. Please make sure the phone number is correct and the one you are using.
  • Your mugshot, introduction of yourself and shortening of your speech will be used at the events webpage, social media and schedule to provide more information for our visitors about what's next on the stage. If you need to change something, please do it at the CfP Portal.
  • If you have specific wishes regarding your speech or workshop, please let us know this through CfP Portal. We might be hackers, but not wizards so we keep the possibility to reject these wishes. Usually these wishes regard the amount of tables or chairs, electricity or cables at the stage or workshop area.
  • We might need to freeze the CfP Portal from further changes closer to the event so that our team will have time to make possible changes to the program, web pages etc. so please make your modifications to the information you have provided us at the CfP Portal latest by 30.11.2023.

  • If you still hesitate and want to get a better idea what to expect, check our videos from the past events on Youtube:

Kind regards,
Disobey 2024 Core Team